The 2019 hack you'll thank us for: How to take three days leave, and get 10 days of holidays.

We’re only just entering the third week of January and already many of us are thinking about our next holiday.

The good news is that if you tapped out your annual leave over the Christmas break, you’re in luck.

Because this year, the moon has aligned (yes, the moon) to deliver us a chance to take three days of annual leave and get a 10-day break.

Enough time for a Bali beach holiday, perhaps? Or a quick trip to Japan?

So how do you work the annual leave scheduling magic, you ask? Well, this year Easter Sunday falls on April 21, which is delightfully close to Australia’s other national public holiday in April, Anzac Day, on April 25. And let’s not forget Good Friday and Easter Monday.

So by taking annual leave on Tuesday 23rd, Wednesday 24th and Friday 26th, you won’t have to go into work from Friday 19th (Good Friday) to Sunday 28th, back at work on Monday 29th.

That’s 10 days off for the price of three. A pretty sweet deal if you ask us.

While you’re gone, avoid these mistakes that attract burglars:

And, if you’ve got some extra leave banked up and want to take a longer trip to say, California, you could take the Monday to Thursday off before Good Friday and get 16 days off, using just seven days of annual leave.

But you’ll want to be quick getting your leave requests into your manager. We have a feeling this period will fill up pretty quickly.