Kate let her son make his own hat for the school's Easter parade, and it's... a penis.


Kids are creative.

They can take the most random of craft materials and create the most adorable art works.

But sometimes… they miss the mark.

When blogger Mrs. Mombastic (real name Katherine Thornalley) left her son to create himself a “giraffe” hat for the Easter Hat Parade at school, he accidentally made a penis hat.

Posting the mishap to Facebook last week, the blogger shared a hilarious photo of the hat.

“I told my son that he could do whatever he wanted. I was so full of hope,” she wrote.

“Two bonnets in the bin, lots of paper mache, super glue, gaffer tape and many other failed attempts later, my son and I came up with this… Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: ‘The Penis Bonnet’,” she added.

She explained that her son was very proud of the “neck” in particular.

“Yes, your mother is willing to send you into school with a phallic symbol sticking out of a straw hat because she knew how badly you wanted a sodding giraffe bonnet and she didn’t want to let you down,” she added.

But that wasn’t the end of the story. Katherine and her husband helped transform the phallic hat into a very convincing giraffe.

In the end, it won the competition at school.

“It just goes to show that if you GET A GRIP of the situation, you can PULL IT OFF……. maybe there’s a little bit of penis bonnet in all of us (woah, DEEP)….,” she wrote with a photo of the finished product.

“I’ve been in hysterics reading the comments,” she added.

That’s what we call a parenting win.