For three Queensland kids, the Easter bunny didn't leave chocolate, but a note instead.

For most kids, thoughts of the Easter bunny involve chocolate, carrots and mysterious footprints in flour.

But for Holly, Jake and Zach Elizabeth, the Easter bunny will be forever associated with something far more sinister.Because on Sunday, when the three Sunshine Coast kids went to find their Easter surprise, they found a letter instead.

“Dear Holly, Jake and Zach, I am writing this letter to let you know that this year I have decided you are on my ‘naughty list’ and I’m not bringing you any Easter eggs or gifts because I have been watching carefully and you have been very naughty,” read the note.

Image via Facebook.

“Fighting, arguing and not doing as you are told.

"I have rung Santa and told him to keep a close eye out to see if your behaviour improves then you still have time to make his good list.

"Please behave for your mum and remember, I am always watching.”

Ummm... so receiving that letter would be nothing short of devastating.

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The children's mum, Tracy Elizabeth, told she shared the note to a Facebook community group, where it quickly started a heated conversation. While some mums thought it was hilarious, others accused Elizabeth of using "a moment of magic as your tool for parenting".

In a follow up post, the mum said her kids were playing happily without chocolate, and she hadn't been seeking "validation for my parenting tactics".

Interestingly, the Easter bunny received a response to his (her? its?) terse note, with Elizabeth's daughter Holly writing, "I am so sorry for being naughty".

"Hoverfly (we think that's meant to be 'however', and I'm dying) next year you can bring me a yummy ester egg and a nice new toy."

According to, the kids' grandma eventually gave them chocolate on Sunday, so it wasn't completely devoid of joy.

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