The 10 ways you know that you've truly reached your late 20s.

You know what? Things have changed for me.

In the last few years, a seismic shift has taken place in my life. I first noticed it when I was around 25, when I BROWSED IN A HOMEWARES STORE without needing to buy a gift for my mother. It struck me again at 26, when I spent a full THIRTY DOLLARS ON WINE, and that was just for a bottle of red to drink at home on the couch. And then recently, at almost 28, I noticed myself CARING ABOUT MY SAVINGS ACCOUNT.

It’s happened. My late twenties have happened. I’m surrounded by dinner parties, bills, and nice Sunday trips to the farmer’s market.

I get hungover from two drinks instead of 12. I plan meals. I even watch the ABC. A lot has changed in under a decade. And what better way to explain it than with hand-drawn graphs?

Because now I’m in my late twenties, I love a good ‘craft-ernoon’.

Ten Graphs to compare Early Twenties to Late Twenties.

1. The allocation of my money.

‘Car Rego’ budget may also be used for ‘washing machine repair man’.

With wisdom comes bloody wisdom teeth.

2. The amount of fucks given in the kitchen.

Will become Masterchef eventually.

3. Sophistication in drunkenness.

And far fewer Tequila Slammers.

4. The amount of money I’m willing to part with for a good side table/dining suite, etc.

Can’t quite afford the boutique designs yet, but the appeal is high.

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5. Nights of the week I am willing to leave my warm house.

Friday night office drinks and the occasional Saturday dinner party. Otherwise, no chance.

6. On the rare nights out, the location of choice.

Early 20s: nightclubs and parties. Late 20s: anything involving dinner.

Late 20’s: The Pub Era.

7. When dates are less about high heels, and more about putting your feet up (when you’ve met your match, at least).

Equally as romantic.

8. Other than ‘dreading going back to work on Monday’ (never changes), Sundays have really changed.

Nothing beats a good market.

9. Though I spend the same amount of time on the Internet, my interests have really evolved.

Also: Was into MySpace at 21, obvi.

10. Is Rage even on any more? Who cares. I have a renovation show to learn from.

Better Homes And Gardens should be on there too.

It’s been a big shock, but I think I like it. Except for the deteriorating metabolism, my late twenties are just as fun as my early twenties, with much nicer furniture.

Gotta go. Antiques Roadshow is on again.

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It’s time to stop telling 20-somethings how to live their lives.

“Gen Y can’t win. And I’ve had enough.”

Hey Gen X, stop telling Gen Y we are precocious arseholes. Thanks.

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