ROAD TEST: 3 women tried the Dyson Corrale hair straightener. Here's their verdict.

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I would love to be the person that wakes up with great hair. How do some women... do it? The only time that happens is when I prep it the night before for an hour (at best).           

And that's involving treatment, blow drying, straightening and curling. It's a whole process.

Why so many products and tools? Because I just haven't found 'the one' that does the whole job (and does it well). 

So when I had the opportunity to get my hands on the Dyson Corrale™ straightener, I jumped (most literally) at the offer. 

My work friends and I have completely different locks (and hair problem areas), so all three of us had a trial to see if it's the ultimate straightener that dreams are made of. The results? They surprised us.


Hair I'm working with: Coloured hair (dry and crispy), frizzy, curly unless blow dried.

The Dyson Corrale has so much to like about it, but I have to call this out firstly.

It is cordless. CORDLESS. I never realised how much I needed a straightener that's cordless until this very moment.

Instant game-changer. Also to consider: last month I tripped on the long cord of my old existing straightener when curling my hair at the back, and the straightener came flying out of my hands and whacked me in the chest. 


(While it didn't burn me physically, it sure did emotionally). 

So this feature makes the Corrale a heck of a lot easier and safer to use for clumsy-footed friends like me.

Now, my hair is a confusing mix of straight locks to extremely curly ones and when brushed creates extra poofiness. To maintain volume (but eliminate the bed-head look), I usually blow dry my hair after washing, straighten it for smoothness and then wave it with the same tool.

To get the most impact from the Corrale, I skipped my regular hair routine completely to see how it could smooth and wave my hair with no additional prep.

I forgot what happens when I don't blow dry, clear from my expression. Image: Supplied. 

To learn how to wave my hair I first watched this You Beautorial video on this that explains the technique to create excellent waves. I did my waves all in the same direction to create a more sleek, uniform look.


If there's one thing all dedicated straightener users know, it's the crispy, scratching sound it makes when the plates are on your hair. It's never filled me with confidence.

To my surprise when using the Corrale there was no crispy sound (RELIEF); in fact the flexing plates on this straightener actually meant I didn't have to clamp down as hard on each section of hair to style it. They are shaped perfectly to gather and control the hair fed through it. This feature, plus the control of temperature you can adjust on the side of the tool... *chef's kiss*.

This to me was revolutionary, as my coloured hair does not need any more damage or heat than needed. 

I was super impressed with the final result, and how shiny and smooth it made my hair. I couldn't believe that I achieved better waves using a lower temperature too, meaning less damaged hair in the long run. Rejoice.

Soft waves make me so happy. Done in only 25 minutes. Image: Supplied. 


I don't know how I'm going to come back from this. I don't think I want to. I'm a Dyson Corrale girl now.

It did what I normally use 2 different tools to achieve. I was able to get myself some shiny, smooth, neat waves with no kink in my hair. I would happily trade my regular straightener for this cordless bad boy any day of the week.


Hair I'm working with: Frizzy, thick and naturally wavy. 

First things first: I need to straighten my hair every day to keep it tamed.

As an avid user, the intrigue to see if the Dyson Corrale is worth all the hype climbed to Christmas Day-level excitement.

I have what I'm sure we'd all understand if called ‘Hermione hair.' Only not as nice. It’s a delightful combo of poofy and frizzy, and all round just a general mess. 

So to really put his tool to the test, I let my hair air dry the night before, and slept on it before straightening. I inevitably have to pay the price (in the form of being late anywhere I go) the next morning by taking extra long to straighten my hair in the effort of troubleshooting what I've woken up with. 

Hermione hair. Image: Supplied. 


Usually when I straighten my hair, I take slightly thicker sections and go over my hair usually three or four times until it’s fully straight. This is causing more heat damage to my hair the more I do this. But with the Corrale, I only had to go over once until it was straight, meaning I can say hello to less damage. Loved this, it made such a difference.

And thanks to those magical flexing plates (not a gimmick, they truly made all the difference), my hair was left suspiciously smooth and shiny (what is this sorcery?), with significantly less frizz.

The other thing I noticed: anyone who straightens their hair regularly knows how ridiculously hot their locks can be to touch right after. But using the Dyson Corrale a few times (it has 3 different heat setting depending on what hair type you're styling), I really loved this feature of being able to adjust the tool's temperature to your hair type. Ah, the little things.

The best feature I found in the Dyson Corrale is its portability. I loved that it could sit on its cute charger on my bathroom counter, and then I could use it for cord-free styling wherever and whenever you want. And for chunky 30 minutes at a time, which is plenty for my needs. I even straightened my hair while lying back on my bed watching Netflix. The dream if you ask me. 

I may just have to leave this out on display... indefinitely. Image: Supplied. 


The final verdict for me: the Dyson Corrale is a seriously great straightener. It quickly tamed my poofy hair, and saved me bucket loads of time over the week, and was so much easier to manoeuvre being cordless. Dyson Corrale, did we just become best friends?

After using the Corrale! Image: Supplied. 


Hair I'm working with: Super straight with a fair bit of breakage so lots of flyaways.

My hair is straight. Like DEAD straight. 

And I’m not complaining (I know people would kill for hair this ‘manageable’) but seriously this is the most movement I ever get:

I slept with wet, scrunched up hair to achieve this. Image: Supplied. 


This is why whenever I’m doing myself up for an event or a night out, curls are my go-to so there's something going on there with it?! 

In my mind, curling my hair is the peak how fancy I get with it. Plus I get full transformation vibes by going for something on the other end of the hair spectrum. 

The thing is, deceivingly, I have lots of hair, so the process feels long and my arms get real tired. A minor problem for me, yes. But hairdressers must honestly have shoulders of steel.

I was so excited to try the Dyson Corrale for this very reason. I’d heard from my workmate that you don't have to curl sections of your hair multiple times. She said the Corrale nails it the first time, because of how easily you can manoeuvre the tool being cordless, and also the flexing copper plates (so there's no need to apply excess pressure). This was making my exhausted arms tingle in excitement after hearing this (not overstating). 

Just looking at it prior to using it, I was super impressed. It looked so sleek and a superficial part of me really loved that it matched my household appliances (anyone else loving matching their straightener to their toaster? Just me?).

The Corrale was so smooth gliding through my hair, and made my hair look mysteriously shinier. Loved it! That’s part of what makes styling with this tool so much easier, no snagging and I can avoid having to go over the same spot 17 times. 

Huge loving mention to the freedom you have without a cord tethering you to the powerpoint too. The cordless feature can't be praised enough. (I told my mum about it, and she was super impressed to, so she bought herself one for Mother's Day. True story).


I feel like using the Corrale to whip up my curls what a much simpler feat when I compare it to the tool I previously owned. I found it much easier to control the tightness of the curl you're trying to achieve with the Corrale (I can't have them too tight – I much prefer ones that are looser and more tousled).

It curls so well! First time curling with the Dyson Corrale. Image: Supplied. 

As it was super smooth for me to whip up a head full of curls with the Dyson Corrale, they might actually go from being my fancy "sometimes" hairstyle to weekly staple. 

The verdict...

From the Mamamia team, this is a 10/10 winner. We are shook: each of us loved different aspects of it the most. Michaela loved the cordless factor, Brielle couldn't go past the adjustable temperature, and the flexing plates won Gia over. We all came away from using the Corrale with smoother and shinier hair, and still don't understand the sorcery involved.

We truly do all have a hair straightening love affair, so to find a gem that delivers over and above, with a fraction of the effort... it's an occasion that might even need wine to celebrate.

Feature image: Supplied.

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