How I created four different looks with the same hair tool.

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Nothing makes me feel more put together than having excellent hair. 

The kind of hair that people stop to ask you, "have you had your hair done?" That is the ultimate joy for me; knowing you’ve absolutely nailed a bouncy wave or an effortless updo. 

I naturally have quite kinky waves in my hair. I’ve grown to love them as I’ve gotten older, but they’re all different sizes and shapes all over my head, so I do feel just that extra put-together when I’ve got sleek, styled hair. 

Here’s a glimpse of my natural texture (on a good day):

My natural, unstyled hair. Image: Supplied. 

Something else you should know about my hair... I’m a blonde, and not a natural one. The kind of blonde who pays through the roof to achieve a natural looking, sun-kissed balayage, so I’m always careful with what I do to my hair to make sure the colour lasts. 

I was pretty excited to try the new Dyson Corrale for this road test; a major reason being that the Corrale is cordless. This feature seems lowkey at first, but I was honestly so excited to try this as I just knew it would be so much quicker to style my hair without always being conscious of where the cord was hanging, and the cord not getting in my way particularly when working on the back of my hair.

My excitement was peaking also because it has three precise heat settings (165°C, 185°C and 210°C) and the thermal system ensures that once you set your desired temperature it won’t get a single degree hotter. Pretty cool. 


The plates also flex... meaning they move... meaning you can straighten your hair with less heat because they shape around your hair and gather it together. Basically the Corrale is here to take control and I for one, was very excited to see it in action. 

Look #1: Straight & Sleek with a Rachel from Friends twist. 

This look was easy peasy, and took me about 10 minutes. I had a shower and washed my hair and then just roughly blow dried it before all my tight waves could form (they work fast). 

Then I sectioned my hair by clipping the top half up with a big claw clip. I straightened each section – guiding it through the Dyson Corrale with a comb. 

Then right at the ends of my hair, I like to curl my hair ever so slightly toward my face. I find this provides much more shape as I have little face framing pieces cut into my hair. This was so quick and easy. 

OH! Fun fact I need to share, the Corrale charges to 90% in just 40 minutes. So pop it on the charger when you wake up and by the time you have a coffee and a shower – you're good to go. 


I got a bunch of compliments on my hair on this day. Everyone at work was convinced I had just had my hair done because it was shiny and smooth! Big win. 

So here’s my hair after quickly drying it off:

Blow dried hair before styling look #1. Image: Supplied. 

And here it is after using the Corrale:

My version of 'The Rachel', styled with Dyson Corrale. Image: Supplied. Look #2: Glam Curls.


I woke up on this day and chose glamour. 

Big, voluminous curls. And it only took 20 minutes! We love that on a busy morning. 

Again – I dried my hair off out of the shower, and then sectioned it - similar to look #1. Starting from the under layers and working up to the top of my head; I took small sections, clamped the Dyson Corrale around a piece of hair and did a half turn of the straightener away from my face and gently pulled down the hair. 

It’s important to start at the root so you get the curl all the way through the length of the hair, rather than just at the bottom! This way you’ll have more evenly distributed volume. 

I also recommend trying to grab evenly sized pieces of hair so you get symmetrical curls. 

Now, once you’ve done each section: hairspray! Something light, and then DO NOT BRUSH YET. I repeat, don’t brush yet. This will help the curl set in this shape and this will give you much more longevity. 

You’ll end up looking like this and giving very funny, Year 10 formal nostalgia:

Before combing out my Corrale curls. Image: Supplied. 

Once you’ve done your whole head, give the top layer a couple of minutes to cool and set, and then grab a wide-tooth comb, and comb downward. This will break up all the curls and give you a much softer, glamorous look: 


Look #2 complete. Image: Supplied. 

Look #3: Effortless Waves.

This is my favourite way to style my hair. 

I was going out in the city for my friend's birthday, so I wanted to sport my signature look. 

Thin, uniform waves with a straight end that give off cool-girl energy. Remember how we did a half-turn for the glam curls in look #2? That was to give it a round shape. For these waves, I do more of a quarter turn right at the root and then pull down... not out, giving it a much softer shape. 

Make sure you’re moving toward your shoulder and not pulling out toward your ears. I also take much smaller sections, so it takes a couple more minutes... but it’s worth it for that beachy vibe. 

Tip: If you feel like the final product is too ‘round’, or you’ve made the curl too tight, go over lightly with the straightener and flatten the shape!

Here was the look before combing it out:

Before combing out look #3. Image: Supplied. 


And the final product:

My favourite finished look using Dyson Corrale. Image: Supplied. 

Look #4: Help-I’m-in-a-rush Fancy Pony.

Okay. Story of my life. 

I’m always rushing out the door and who has hours to spend on their hair….nobody. 

This one can be achieved pretty easily by slicking your hair down into a low pony, about 4 fingers up from the nape of your neck, and then just putting a few curls through the pony, before brushing them out. 


I like to tease it a little bit at the base of the pony for some extra height. EASY. 

You can also cheat this one. If you’ve had some glam curls in a day or two before but you’re starting to get greasy (feels): slick it back, and then brush the pony. 

The curls will kind of join together and you’ll have a fancy looking hairstyle that really took you 2 minutes. 

I got a lot of compliments on this one too and it’s the easiest of all the looks! You can use a spoolie (those fun little hair wands that look like a mascara brush) with some hairspray to slick down your flyaways if you’re going for a more polished look. You can even leave some front pieces out and add some movement through them with the Dyson Corrale to frame the face. Whatever your style is, this one works. 

Here's my before & after:

Before (left) and after (right)! Image: Supplied. And there you have it: four easy styles using only one tool. That’s some serious versatility.

Have you tried the new Dyson Corrale yet? Tell us your thoughts or styling tips below.

Feature image: Instagram / @dysonhair / @alvinology

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