He had a spider burrowing itself in his chest. So. freaking. scary.


This is Dylan. Nice, normal, Spider free.

Just the thought of spiders makes me hunch over a little and my eyes dart around checking there isn’t anything black hairy and wiggly in the nearby vicinity.

That’s why this isn’t just scary it’s FREAKING TERRIYING.

This guy went on what was meant to be the holiday of a lifetime and ended up in a major international hospital with a spider burrowing in his stomach.


And moving up his chest.

Dylan Thomas’s Facebook page talks of normal, happy, everyday things in the weeks leading up to his holiday in Bali.

He sweetly describes his excitement a week before he is due to depart for his holiday.

He then writes of the thrill of waking up knowing he had just 24 hours to go till his holiday.

His everyday, classic trip to Bali.

Beer, cheap t-shirts, sunburn.

That’s what he was expecting.

Not something like the chest-buster scene from Aliens, or that bug that gets sucked out of Neo’s stomach in Matrix.

Not a giant f**king spider inhabiting his body.

(Ok, so it was actually tiny but it LIVED IN HIS BODY)

Dylan Thomas from Bunbury in West Australia had been doing the normal Bali-holiday thing for just three days when his body was invaded.

He woke up to find this.

What IS that thing?

A bizarre red trail running 5cm from his naval towards his chest.


“It was as if someone had scratched me with the tip of a knife,” Thomas told NT News.

But later that day the THING had moved even further up his chest.

It was growing and moving.

So Dylan visited the local doctor who prescribed an antihistamine cream and said it was a small insect bite.

But the THING wasn’t going to take that.

It is moving and BUBBLING.

“That’s when it became painful, it was a searing burn.” He told the NT News.

At the International hospital a specialist became involved and

realised something else was going on.

A tropical spider had burrowed itself into a scar left by a recent appendix removal and was moving through his skin.

The spider “was a bit bigger than the size of a match head,” he told the NT News.

Dear God.

Dylan said that doctors managed to get it out and he continued on with his holiday.

That’s a holiday snap to remember.

It takes a lot to deter me, but I do feel violated. It was a very bizarre experience just to know something like that was in my body for a couple of days,” Dylan said.

He says that the nickname his friends have given him – Spiderman – seems like it’s going to stick for a while.

We just hope that he can ever actually sleep again at night without dreaming of this..

Or this…

(Oh god. Our thoughts are with you Dylan.)

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