Maze Runner star Dylan O'Brien has been crushed by a car on set.

‘Maze Runner’ and ‘Teen Wolf’ star Dylan O’Brien has been urgently rushed to hospital after sustaining multiple injuries on set.

The 24-year-old has been in Vancouver, Canada, filming the next instalment of ‘Maze Runner’. The Daily Mail reports that whilst shooting the upcoming science-fiction sequel ‘The Death Cure’, he fell from the back of a train on set and was run over by a car.

Dylan O'Brien
Dylan O’Brien in ‘The Maze Runner’. Image via 20th Century Fox.

20th Century Fox have released a statement outlining that “he was immediately transferred to a local hospital for observation and treatment.”

Reports have differed on the extent of the injuries, with The Daily Mail detailing that O’Brien suffered either a broken cheekbone or orbital socket. TMZ reports that O’Brien has multiple broken bones.

A Fox spokesperson has announced that “production on the film will be shut down while he recovers”.


The film’s release date was set to be early 2017. ‘The Death Cure’ is the third instalment in ‘The Maze Runner’ franchise. The series is a dystopian science fiction thriller directed by Wes Ball.  O’Brien plays the film’s protagonist, Thomas, who wakes up in an elevator with no recollection of who he is. He then finds himself with a number of other young boys, trying to escape a labyrinthian maze. The first instalment grossed over $102,427,862 in the United States, and was a widely acclaimed success.

Watch the trailer for ‘The Maze Runner’. Post continues below. 

We wish O’Brien a speedy recovery.

*Feature image via Getty.

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