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These photos of a dying dog's last day with her owner will make you want to hug your pets.

From an aromatherapy bath to a stop at McDonald’s, the last day of a beloved family pet’s life has been documented by her owners and shared social media over the weekend.

And we’re warning you now, you’re definitely going to need some tissues by the end of this.

Sharing Snapchats of her dog, Hannah, on Imgur, the owner wrote, “For about two months Hannah has been having seizures, they were small and nothing to worry about, but they gradually got worse.”

snapchat dog

Hannah the dog. Source: Snapchat / Imgur

Like many ageing dogs, Hannah was on medication for a number of health issues associated with growing older, but even then, things continued to worsen.

"Hannah was on a couple of meds, one for her kidneys and another for the pain she had in her elbows and her hips," the owner explained, continuing, "When she wasn't on her meds, she didn't have really bad seizures, she had them, but they weren't horrible, but when she wasn't on her meds, she couldn't walk well or make it up the stairs, several times she fell down them or up them."

With her quality of life seriously compromised, the owner finally made the heartbreaking decision to euthanise Hannah. But not before dedicating an entire day to all of her favourite activities.

Hannah the Snapchat dog's last day. 


"I finally decided that keeping her on the meds was selfish, but keeping her off of them was just as cruel," she writes.

"So I decided to give her one last hoo-rah day of pampering, like the queen she's always been, and let her go. Where there would be no pain, no seizures, no whimpering in the night. Just peace and hopefully love."

The images show Hannah enjoying an aromatherapy bath, eating McDonalds, spending time with her family and going for a ride in the car before eventually being taken to the vets.

Are you grabbing for those tissues yet?