Step aside Georgia Love, 'Kate' is a real life Bachelorette.

She fell in love with Australia when she arrived here a year ago, now Dutch tourist Katie* wants to fall in love with an Australian man. A cowboy-type between 20 and 27 years old, to be specific.

The 19-year-old had embarked on a quest to find her dream bloke via Facebook, launching a page titled “Kate wants a date”.

“I have a dream to be an Australian citizen, to have a good job, to have my own property and to find an Aussie to stay with for the rest of my life,” she wrote on the page.

"I'm not looking for a visa, I'm looking for love." Images via Facebook.

"I'm not looking for a visa, I'm looking for love. I'm a nice, sweet, loyal, down to earth girl and I'm fun to be around with. Very stubborn too. I'm young but I know what my goals in life are.

"I like the outside, fishing, cooking, camping, and I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty. I'm a good horse rider and would also love to have a big property with heaps of horses one day."

Katie's tried dating sites before and has dated a few men since she's been here, but with just a year left on her Visa, she thought Facebook would be a good way to widen the field.

And it was.

In just two days her inbox has already been flooded with pitches from eligible bachelors across the country. She's received over 7,000 comments on her original post and says her private inbox is "blowing up".

So what kind of guy is going to stand out from the crowd?

"I think I'm looking for a tough man but with a good heart, also a sense of humour. Someone you can drink a beer with," she told The Daily Mail.

Image via Facebook.

"A guy who can rides horses, likes country things like fishing and hunting. I've always wanted to find a cowboy, but I'm open for anything else different than that too."

If that sounds like you or a guy you know, you can check out Katie's page here.

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She's chosen not use her real name.