Getting dumped ONE HOUR before your wedding? Blessing in disguise.

Getting ditched on your wedding day. It hurts to think about.

But it’s also a blessing in disguise.

Cyndi Maisonneuve, from Toronto, Canada, woke up on the day of her dream wedding in Hawaii. Everything was perfect. She and her lovely fiancée had spent months planning it together. She wasn’t nervous as she went for a morning jog, telling herself to savour every second of the day. She was just excited for the sunset beach ceremony she’d always dreamed of.

Cyndi Maisonneuve. Source: Twitter

Her sister helped her get ready. Cyndi was in her hotel room, veil on, tingling with excitement – when her dream man, her best friend, her fiancée, broke up with her.

“He came into the room and said we needed to talk alone. He was crying. I assumed he was letting the emotion of the day get to him. Then he said it. “I don’t think I can do this.” I couldn’t understand. I asked: “Are you joking?” Cyndi told The Guardian. 

Ouch. Allllll the ouch.

He had already packed his suitcase and passport. Cyndi’s older sister stepped in and yelled at him until he fled the room. (Um, WHAT A LEGEND.)

So what did Cyndi do? Well, first, she watched from her hotel window as her big sister told the guests gathered on the beach that the wedding was cancelled.

But after that? Cyndi had the best damn Hawaiian holiday she could muster. She stayed with her family and girlfriends and kept busy doing all the Hawaii things – snorkelling, surfing, sight-seeing, petting monkeys and drinking out of a coconut (do they actually do any of that? Anyway…).

Cyndi kicking back. Source: Twitter

Unfortunately, she occasionally bumped into her fiancée, who stayed in the same hotel for the rest of the week. But her bridesmaids kept her protected and distracted.

When the grief subsided, Cyndi was angry. The couple had been together for two years. They’d planned the ceremony together. They owned a house together. But at the last minute, he had ended it, citing that he didn’t want children and knew that she did.

Maaaaaaybe that should have been discussed earlier. But it doesn’t matter now.

Six years on, Cyndi looks back on the whole experience as a funny story. And she’s never been more grateful for her girls, even telling The Globe And Mail that it was the best holiday she’d had.

Cyndi looking happy. Source: Twitter

“I don’t know what I would have done without my friends there. Despite what I had been through, I had never felt so loved. Apart from the emotional scar that will soon fade, the week I spent with them made for the best vacation I have ever had.”

“Everything happens for a reason.”

Cyndi is now 30 and starting to date again. We wish you all the luck in the world, Cyndi. But with your resilience, your positivity, and your legendary girlfriends, you’re hardly going to need it.

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