Man surprised his wife with super sexy 'dudeoir' photoshoot.

Brendon Williams has a brilliant sense of humour, and clearly, a smouldering gaze.

When it comes to finding a birthday gift for your significant other, some husbands and partners may be tempted to stick to the flowers/jewellery/lingerie stereotype. Others might go down the, ‘I wanted to get you something you’d really need’ route. Then there are those, like Brendon Williams, who prefer to think outside the box.

According to the Huffington Post, Brendon’s main priority was to find his wife a present that would make her smile. So, he approached his friend, photographer Masika Allen, to set up a special photo shoot.

(Image: Masika May Photography)

The images are shot in the style of a super-sexy boudoir shoot. Minimal clothing, seductive poses and ruffled sheets. Brendon absolutely NAILED it.

“Normally I’m pretty comfortable in moments like this, but this was as uncomfortable as I’ve been in front of a camera,” Brendon told The Huffington Post. “That said, it was also a bit thrilling knowing the reaction I was likely to get from my wife.”

(Image: Masika May Photography)

Brendon had the photos made into a book, which he presented to his wife on her birthday last week.

Was she pleased? You bet.

“Her reaction was quite sweet,” he told Huffpo. “I thought she would laugh, but she was genuinely touched. She saw the humour in some of the photos, but there were a number of serious shots with me in a suit that she loved.”

(Image: Masika May Photography)

The photos were reported for violating Facebook’s nudity guidelines, and removed from Masika Allen’s page. She then re-posted them, but the originals were restored before too long. The original upload has been shared over 47,500 times. The second post? A further 3,000.

Click through and enjoy Masika and Brendon’s fabulous photoshoot (post continues after gallery):

Interestingly, Masika noted: “In some of the photos Brendon was actually wearing more than some of my female clients have on in their boudoir photos that are also posted to my page.”

Brendon Williams’ sultry stare has now become so recognisable, he is being approached on the street. Both Masika and Brendon are shocked by the attention the photos have received.

We are not.


You can find more of Masika Allen’s work at Masika May Photography or on Facebook.