No matter how bad your teacher was, she was never as bad as this...

A qualified educator in the US has brought pride on her prestigious profession, by turning up to her first day on the job drunk and without pants.

Drunk. And without pants.

Police in Oklahoma confirmed to Tulsa World that they were called in to Wagoner High School, after Lori Ann Hill, 49, was found in a random classroom, her pants nowhere to be found.

They released this mugshot:

It was Hill’s first day on the job, and apparently she walked into the first classroom she came across, insisted it was hers, and refused to come out.

School officials managed to detain her, and took her to the principal’s office where they called police.

They also found her a pair of shorts to wear while she waited.

Classes at the school don’t start until next week, so there weren’t any students present to witness the pantless drunk lady.

Hill was booked on public intoxication charges.

It’s not been confirmed what lesson, if any, she was trying to teach the empty classroom.

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