This is either the most dangerous show on TV, or the most brilliant.


There is a show that exists called Drunk History.

The premise is simple:

A comedian gets really, really drunk, and tells the story of a famous historical event. Famous actors then act out the drunk person’s story.

Watch this example:

Drunk History has been around on the web since 2007, and was turned into a Comedy Central TV series last year. The online episodes have hits in the tens of millions, and the TV version is so popular it’s just been renewed for a third series.

And the show IS funny. But is it also irresponsible?

We had quite a bit of debate about it in the Mamamia office this week. Half of us thought it was genius hilarity; the other half thought that it glamourises binge-drinking, which is concerning when you consider kids tuning in.

Drunk History began airing on SBS2 this year, and Mike Daube, director of the McCusker Centre for Action on Alcohol and Youth, told Fairfax recently that he thinks the show sends a dangerous message.

“It’s embarrassingly tacky stuff that sends out all the wrong signals, especially to any children or young people that might be watching,” he said. “Of course there are times when drunken behaviour can look funny, and I’m not saying it should be banned or censored, I just think it’s very poor judgement from SBS to be running this kind of program.”

So, we thought we’d throw this one over to you. Take a look at these clips and tell us:

Harmless, cheeky fun? Or irresponsible and dangerous?

Your thoughts?