Drowned Brisbane sisters "hugged at the bottom of the pool" in their final moments.

Last week, two little girls were found drowned in their family pool in Brisbane’s south.

The mother of Taya, 4, and Patricia, 3, sobbed as she farewelled her little girls at their public funeral on Friday.

“In their last moments they hugged each other at the bottom of the pool, that’s how much they loved each other,” Renise Young told fellow mourners, Seven News reports.

The sisters were discovered in the family’s pool on November 1 by their five-year-old brother, Aige.

drowned girls brisbane

Renise Young, their mother, speaking at the funeral. Image via Channel 7.

"(Aige) tried to pull them from the pool but he had to let them go," their mother said.

"That was the hardest thing.

"They truly loved each other."

More than 100 people whose lives had been touched by Taya and Patricia attended the funeral, with everyone encouraged to wear a little purple or blue to the funeral.

Their two small coffins, painted purple and blue, were covered with flowers and pictures of the girls.


Songs from their favourite movie, Frozen, played in the background, as well as their brother Aige joining with other kids to blow bubbles.

A friend of the family, Johnathan, said the two girls had such a special connection.

drowned girls brisbane

They couldn't even be separated at death. Image via Channel 7. 

"They were sisters, princesses, with a very special love for one another," he said.

"This wasn't God's will, this wasn't what he desired...  this was a terrible, terrible accident."

The family released a collection of purple, pink, and blue balloons into the sky, but the parents looked away as the hearses drove off.

It is believed the two girls pushed a chair up to the side of the family's pool fence to jump over and get in.

After being found, both their mother and father performed CPR but neither of them survived.