We asked a stylist her take on the drop-waist trend being back. Her answer was very telling.

As someone who wears both the hat of a personal stylist and a fashion editor, I've got a front-row seat to emerging trends. And one trend that's been steadily climbing the ranks? The drop V waist dress.

Now, when you hear "drop waist," it might transport you back to the glitz and glamour of the roaring 20s, with visions of flapper dresses and jazz-filled nights. But for those of us with a bit more curve to our frame, it can also send shudders down our spines.

Let’s face it — while the drop waist can look stunning on some, it’s not exactly a crowd favourite for many of us. 

But hold on a sec. There's a new twist to this style, and trust me, it's both chic and practical.

Introducing the V waist dress which features a drop waist bodice on top, creating a sharp angular basque waistline that beautifully accentuates the waistline, then transitions into a gathered skirt.

Now, let's have a candid chat. Remember when it seemed like every dress had more cut-outs than fabric? Yeah, been there, done that. 

But fear not, because the drop waist trend has finally heard our plea for something a bit more wearable. It's like they've realised that many of us want to look fabulous without feeling like we’ve been wrapped in glad wrap. 

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Video via Mamamia.

Now, the V waist style of dress is gaining serious traction, particularly across the pond in Europe and America. My prediction? We’ll soon see a surge of this trend with lots of different styles, fabrics and colourways making its way into our upcoming warmer seasons.

Want some inspo? You got it. Let’s dive into some drop V waist dress looks: 




Now, personally, I'm not rushing out to try this style just yet. 

While the trend is starting to take off, here in Australia, the traditional drop waist is still holding its ground. However, if I were a betting woman — and let's be honest, I do love a good wager — I'd wait until the warmer seasons to fully embrace and shop this style. 

After all, timing is everything in the world of fashion. And the next time we circle back to talking about this trend, I hope to see some more curve options available and perhaps some options with sleeves. (Stay tuned for part two!)

Now, I should also mention that there's one style of the drop v waist dress in particular that has gone viral in America, and if you search for the viral Abercrombie V waist drop dress on TikTok or Instagram, you'll see why it's caused such a stir. 

Unfortunately, every time they restock it, the dress flies off the shelves. I think part of its popularity is due to the amazing size range it offers. (Australia take note...) 


For now, if you're eager to get your hands on a similar style, you can shop the looks below:

DISSH Milano Black Cotton Midi Dress, $179.99. 

Image: Dissh.

Tularosa Emma Midi Dress, $497. 

Image: Revolve.

 Cotton On Romee Maxi Dress, $69. 


Image: Cotton On.


Meshki Carmele Cotton Gathered Midi Dress, $219. 

Image: Meshki

 Feature Image: Instagram/@slipintostyle and @yhasmina.ferrara. 

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