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1. The internet found MAFS’ Drew’s roommate Jessie on Instagram and reckon she’s low-key shading KC with her profile.

Well, well, well. It looks like more MAFS drama continues to play out off-screen.

And this time it involves our latest couple KC and Drew, and his ~mysterious~ roommate, Jessie.

In case you missed it, during the couple’s honeymoon last night, Drew pulled out a stuffed Rick and Morty toy given to him by his roommate. And KC was not too happy about it.

Especially when he joked that Jessie sprayed the toy with her perfume to remind him of her.

And it turns out Jessie temporarily changed her Instagram profile picture to a photo of the toy after the episode aired. Yikes. 

Drew MAFS housemate
Image: Instagram @jfmadform

This morning, Drew told Today Extra he obviously now regrets packing the toy on his honeymoon.

"I only found out I was getting married six days in advance," he said. " I had so much to do and I was freaking out, it was the most nervous I’d ever been."

"I was literally on the way out of the house and I grabbed the doll. It was probably the silliest thing that I’ve ever done in my life."

Drew also explained why Jessie wasn't at his wedding on the show.

"She doesn’t like MAFS and doesn’t want to be involved in it... I’m the one that sold my soul. She didn’t."

Something tells us we're probably going to hear more about Jessie when Married At First Sight returns tonight at 7:30pm on Nine.

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2. Oh. MAFS' Vanessa has had to tell guys to 'cool their jets' because she has a boyfriend.

People, please. Vanessa from MAFS doesn't want any more guys sliding into her DMs, she is happily taken.

That's right, Vanessa is now in a happy relationship with her boyfriend James Paul, after leaving the show.

She's even pictured in James' Instagram profile picture so it seems pretty promising.

Vanessa MAFS boyfriend
Image: Instagram @jamespp83

Despite this, Vanessa continues to receive messages from viewers on Instagram. So much so, that she took to her Instagram stories to tell people to stop.

"When I say cool your jets, it means calm down guys," she said on her Instagram story.

"I’m not on here as like a dating app. I’ve got a boyfriend, I’m very happy. Thank you very much for reaching out but no, thank you."


View this post on Instagram


A smile so big, A heart so hopeful. One can only hope their husband feels the same. #MAFS

A post shared by Vanessa (@vanessaromito_) on


We're glad to hear Vanessa has found someone who makes her happy.

3. New Bachelor Locky Gilbert is already fielding questions about his ex after she called him her 'ride or die'... last night.

So it has been announced that Survivor's Locky Gilbert will be Australia's 2020 Bachelor and people are... divided.

Anyone who has watched the two seasons of Survivor with Gilbert in it has a strong opinion on him, while others who haven't seen the show, just see... well, a nice-looking dude.

To give you some context, Gilbert starred in season four of Survivor, as well as this year's Survivor: All Stars.

He was sadly booted off the show on Tuesday night, ahead of the big Bachelor announcement on Wednesday morning.


Although many of us are excited about his newest endeavour, Survivor fans are confused.

During the show, Gilbert was linked to co-star Brooke Jowett, and her latest post and comments about him this week suggest that she might've been blindsided by his big news.

Uploading a photo to Instagram yesterday, Jowett wrote, "Thank you for being my ride or die and the greatest big manly blanket I could have asked for."


Also, earlier on Monday when speaking to TV Week, Jowett spoke about their relationship and said, "He's in Perth and Bali, and I'm in Melbourne. His work means he'd want me to go to him, but I won't leave my family and my dog. I'm also really focused on my career.

"We haven't completely written it off, it's just very complicated with the distance."

Again, confusing.

And lastly, when a fan commented on the strange timing of it all on Twitter, Brooke responded.


Yep, that's enough evidence for us.

Brooke was blindsided.

4. Miley Cyrus just got a new tattoo inspired by famous female nudes and it's artsy, definitely.

Miley Cyrus just got another tattoo. How many is that now? We've lost count.

This time, she decided on an outline of a nude female body inspired by Henri Matisse.

Matisse, known distinctly for his famous female nudes, was a master in depicting the female form.

Sharing a photo of her new art piece on her arm, Cyrus wrote, "'Dance me to your beauty with a burning violin. Dance me through the panic till I'm gathered safely in.


"Touch me with your glove. Dance me to the end of love.' Matisse X Cohen."

The lyrics are from Leonard Cohen's 'Dance Me to the End of Love'.

It's artsy and very 2020 Miley.

5. A romance, a feud and full-frontal nudity: Just 6 things we forgot Locky did on Survivor.

As of now, Australia officially has fresh meat for The Bachelor 2020.

His name? Locky Gilbert. His claim to fame? Being a two-time Australian Survivor contestant who is also not so bad to look at.

On Wednesday, Network 10 announced the 30-year-old adventure tour guide from Perth as our next Bachelor.

Fresh from being stranded without food or hygiene facilities on Australian Survivor: All Stars, Locky will search for love in the rose petal-covered footsteps of former Bachelors Matt Agnew, Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins, Matty J, Richie Strahan, Sam Wood, Blake Garvey and Tim Robards.

Locky, who was the 14th person voted out of the current season of Survivor, also shared his shiny new job title on Instagram, posting:

“There’s no denying I’ve had some incredible, heart-stopping experiences for both work and fun, but this takes the cake. Pack your bags Australia, I am beyond excited to be announced as this year’s Bachelor and cannot wait to share this epic romantic adventure with you all.”

Whether you’re excited to see Locky and Osher’s bromance unfold on The Bachelor or are disappointed with the reality TV crossover casting decision, there’s no denying a Survivor contestant trading their soggy, stinky clothes for a fresh suit will make for good TV.

But, really, what do we know about Locky Gilbert?

If you haven’t been watching this year’s season of Australian Survivor or have no idea who the heck this Locky character is, we’ve put together a handy roundup of Locky’s best Survivor moments to jog your memory.


1. Locky came fifth in his first season of Survivor.

It’s hard to remember exactly when different Survivor contestants were actually on the show… each season kind of melds into one, right?

To clarify, Locky first appeared on Survivor in 2017, which was arguably the season that put Australian Survivor back on the map. Fellow contestants included fan favourite Luke Toki, winner Jericho, villain A.K. and the faux yoga teacher Henry. Tarzan, Jacqui, Jarrad and Ziggy are among other recognisable contestants from Locky’s season.

After surviving 49 days in Samoa, Locky made it to the final five before being voted out to become a member of the Survivor jury (the group of eliminated contestants who ultimately vote to decide who wins).

Sadly, Locky didn’t make it quite as far in 2020, placing 12th in the current season of Survivor.

For more on our new Bachie, read our earlier article here.

Feature Image: [email protected]/Nine. 

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