A man texted his girlfriend about her dressing gown and OH HELL NO.


There’s been a crime against dressing gowns, people.

A man has told a woman not to wear a dressing gown and, quite frankly, we won’t stand for it.

We will put our dressing gowns on and march in the streets if we have to.

Monique Bowley recommends the ONLY dressing gown you need in your life. Post continues.

You see, Harriet who goes by the Twitter handle @disneypr!nc3ss, was seeing an unnamed bloke, and things were going well… until Harriet wore a dressing gown in front of him.

Said bloke did not like said dressing gown and asked her not to wear her “greasing gown” next time they got together.

He then told her it “doesn’t hurt to put something nice on” and that is just not a fact. Sometimes putting pants and a bra on does hurt.

And dressing gowns are so warm and snuggly and perfect for eating chips in.

Anyhoo, Harriet posted the whole exchange on Twitter and people are not happy with the dressing gown dissing-bloke.



So in the immortal words of another, erm, problematic bloke… you might take our lives… but you’ll never take away our dressing gowns.

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