The golden rules for dressing when you're not a size 10.

How to rock your body, regardless of size.

Most fashion is designed for the super slim. Why? Because according to my sources in the fashion industry, clothes must have ‘hanger appeal’ as we decide whether or not to take a garment into a change room by how it looks on a coat hanger. Sadly, coat hangers lack curves and the real life elements of women’s bodies.

Next time you try on a piece of clothing that doesn’t fit you, rather than embarking on negative self-talk that we’re all capable of, instead be reminded that it’s not you that’s the problem – it’s the clothing.

If you’re not a size 10 or smaller and find it hard to find clothing that fits and flatters, remember your body is unique. When you think about it, we all expect to walk into a store, pick up our ‘size’ and have a garment fit, yet women are so varied in their shapes and proportions. Some of us have flatter bottoms, others curvy. We have large, medium or small breasts, some of us have defined waists, others have very little waist and the list of body variations goes on and on.

The reality for any shape or size is only some fashion trends will suit you and sometimes it’s just not your season, but gladly trends change so quickly you’ll often find a few months will pass and there will be a whole new range of clothes in store for you to choose from.

But here are three tricks that might just work for you:

- If you have a defined waist, ignore trends that don’t play it up. The voluminous, waistless styles are not for you, or wear them with a belt to show off your enviable waist.
- If you have a luscious bottom or thighs, then wear your skinny jeans with a tunic top rather than your standard hip length top.

- A large bust doesn’t work with a gathered neckline (but a small bust looks great in them), instead if you do have those assets, they look fabulous with the current trend of extravagant multi-piece necklaces that rest on your décolletage.

Post-mummy tummy? Then play up your legs if they are a great feature, find tops that skim past rather than cling onto it.

- No matter what your shape, always draw attention to your "portrait" area - your head and shoulders, as this is where we look when we talk to you. If you make that a feature with some detail or embellishment such as scarves or jewellery we won’t notice what is going on below.

As I always say, if I’m looking into your eyes, I’m not looking at your thighs!

What are your best fashion tricks?

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