Tired of spending $$$ on dresses you wear once? Briella found the best solution.

When I was 20, I was so broke I lived solely off Mie Goreng and Doritos (the red packet of course, I’m no idiot).

Briella Brown, on the other hand, is an entrepreneur raking in $35k a MONTH from her online fashion rental business. Yes. You read that right. Briella’s business makes what some people do in a year every single flippin’ month. And she’s barely out of high school.

The bouncy Gen Yer pitched her business, Your Closet, to the Very Impressive panel of business experts on Shark Tank on Thursday night. Needless to say, her savviness and acumen caught everybody off guard.

#SharkTank starts soon ????????????????.. Looking just a bit nervous ????

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While she still operates her business out of her parent’s home, the Manly local says she owns in excess of $200,000 worth of designer dresses ranging from size 6 to 12. All customers have to do is visit her website, select which dress they want for their event, pay a fee (typically 20% of the item’s RRP) and WHOOSH the dress is express posted to their house within a day. Customers are even given an addressed, paid-for parcel to send the dress right back WITHOUT EVEN HAVING TO DRY CLEAN IT.


Seriously, what is this sorcery and why on earth did I not think of it first?

Naturally the laydee sharks, Janine Allis and Naomi Simson, realised what a freakin’ great idea this is and hurriedly dipped into their pockets. Briella, the nifty business boss she is, walked away with an $80k investment, with each of the sharks now having a 20% stake in her business.

Seriously. Why did I NOT THINK OF THIS. Damn. It.

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Anyway, this post is totally completely not at all sponsored but we just had to share. You can go gawk at Briella’s wizardry here.

P.S. If you ruin it, you pay for it, gals. So be careful with the red wine please.

Have you made a living off the back of a bright business idea?