A Kmart shopper bought 11 $1.50 tea towels. She created the perfect spring dress with them.

A Kmart shopper has blown the internet away after she uploaded a video of her handmade spring dress. A dress made entirely out of $1.50 tea towels from the affordable retailer.

Selika, who has been sewing garments for three years, found the tea towels in her local Kmart store and couldn't help but wonder whether the pattern could be used for something else.

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Video via Mamamia.

When she saw other people use the tea towels to create clothing and accessories, she decided to make a dress.

"I saw a few people had made bucket hats from them [the tea towels] and I thought I could make a dress," Selika told Mamamia.

"The pattern print on the tea towel is so beautiful, it can’t just be a tea towel."

Image: Kmart. 

Selika explained that to create the dress she needed 11 of the $1.50 Cockatoo tea towels. And the entire process, from 11 individual tea towels to a wearable dress, took her seven to eight hours.

Once it was complete, Selika uploaded a video of the process to Instagram and TikTok. Quickly, it went viral.


"This is amazing!! Great job, so creative," one user commented.

While another said, "Oh my gosh! So cute!!! I'm going to Kmart to go get some."

Before making this dress, Selika had used 'odd materials' on one other occasion.

"I made a dress from furnishing fabric too," she shared. "I couldn’t resist the pattern prints."

Image: Supplied. 

Now, after seeing how well the tea towel dress turned out, Selika has ordered more.

"I just ordered some more tea towels (lemon print) so let's see what I’m going to make. Not sure yet!" Selika said.

Feature image: Supplied and TikTok @selika2904