Teenager badly shaken after his own 'near-death' experience at Dreamworld mere months ago.

A teenager who claims to have had a near-death experience at Dreamworld six months ago has been left “really distressed” by the death of four adults at the popular theme park on Tuesday.

Visiting the Gold Coast park in April, 19-year-old Samson Sherrin says he was on the Rocky Hollow Log Ride when he fell into the water, knocked unconscious, ran over by two other boats and nearly drowned.

Sherrin’s legal team told he suffered hip, rib and ankle fractures, neck, head and groin injuries, acute respiratory failure, and psychological trauma.

Four people have been confirmed dead following an accident on the Thunder River Rapids ride.

But the Brisbane teen's lawyer, Sugath Wijedoru, alleges Dreamworld's ride operators hardly responded, leaving a friend to rescue him.

“His friend had to finish the ride, run all the way around and get him out,” Wijedoru told “Staff didn’t get him out."

Wijedoru says the ride was temporarily closed after Sherrin's ordeal before it was cleared by Worksafe Queensland inspectors and reopened to the public just two days later.

Sherrin has since brought a public liability claim against the theme park, alleging negligence.

Rocky Hollow Log Ride staff allegedly failed to help Sherrin. Image via Wikipedia.

Following the tragic deaths of Kate Goodchild, her brother Luke Dorsett, his partner Roozi Araghi and New Zealand woman Cindy Low, Sherrin's lawyer said his client was "really distressed" and "really quite upset".

Sherrin is not the first Dreamworld visitor to be speaking out against the park.

Just two weeks ago, Queensland mum-of-two Tracey Christensen complained of issues with multiple rides at the park and said that at one point while on The Claw, her child's safety buckle came undone "right up in the air."

Dreamworld tragedy emergency services

"I told the attendants and they didn't listen," Christensen wrote in a Facebook post. "I went and told the manager and he said he will call someone to go have a look, yet they continued to let people on the ride and keep operating."

Ominously, Christensen ended her post by saying "Someone will get seriously injured or killed one day."