'It makes me feel sick.' Dad's anger over Dreamworld selling souvenir photos during tragedy.

A Melbourne father has slammed Dreamworld’s business-as-usual response to yesterday’s horrific accident at the Gold Coast theme park.

Jesse Lovett was at the park with his daughter and his sister’s family when four people were killed on the Thunder River Rapids ride at around 2pm Tuesday.

Lovett says he saw the helicopters hovering overhead, but was completely oblivious to the tragedy unfolding nearby as there was no notification from park staff, the attractions remained open and merchandise was still being sold.

Jesse Lovett was on the ride not long before the accident occurred. Image: Facebook.

"All the Dreamworld music was on. I couldn’t even tell that anything was wrong. That’s what makes me feel a bit sick," he told

“I was just wondering why they were still selling photos?"

Lovett says he's been left feeling "ill" about the way it was handled.

“The thing that keeps making me feel sick was that there was like big lines there," he said.

"Those people waited for 30 minutes to die and it doesn’t feel right to me at all. It feels weird that I got to go home and that family didn’t.”

Three victims of the shocking incident have been identified as Luke Dorsett, Roozbeh Aragh and Kate Goodchild.

Sadly, the latter's partner and children were present when the 30-year-old ride malfunctioned, according to The Courier Mail.

The park has been closed while authorities investigate the incident, but it's believed two of the rafts on the family-friendly attraction collided, causing one to flip over, reports ABC.

Two passengers were reportedly ejected from the raft and one became caught in the ride's conveyor belt.

A Dreamworld spokesperson told that the ride was immediately shut down following the accident.

Lovett and his daughter had ridden the attraction earlier in the day, and has expressed concerns about its safety.

“I was on the rapid river ride with my two-year-old an hour before those poor people passed away and was concerned a Velcro strap was holding my daughter on my lap and I thought she was going to fall out,” he told

“It’s so rough and you had to hold it really tight.”

Lovett told the outlet that it had been his favourite ride, but that he was apprehensive about taking his little girl on it with him.

“All that was holding her in securely was me," he said. "The strap did nothing and easily came undone because it was wet.”