Crash test dummies will be used to re-enact the Dreamworld tragedy on the Thunder River Rapids ride.

Police will use crash test dummies in attempts to re-enact the tragic accident at Dreamworld last week.

Footage obtained by Channel 9 shows a vehicle driving the dummies into the theme park ahead of testing today, in which police will speak to the ride operators in a “walk-through” to determine what went wrong on the Thunder River Rapids ride.

Crash test dummies are useful in cases where the height and weight of the people involved in the accident may have contributed to way things played out.

Today, the Dreamworld employees who were present at the scene of the accident will revisit the Thunder River Rapids ride for the first time with police.

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Video via Channel 9

Accurate simulation of the accident, in conjunction with compiling eyewitness accounts of employees, is expected to take several days.

Dreamworld have not yet announced an official date for the park to reopen, but CEO Craig Davidson has confirmed it will not be earlier than next week.

Feature image via Channel 9.