3 reasons why Dreamworld's annual pass is a must-have for 2021.

Thanks to our brand partner, Dreamworld

Before this year, we had no idea that the appropriate time spent washing hands was equivalent to two upbeat rounds of 'Happy Birthday'. Or that we could exist solely on coffee made at home, no barista required.

It’s been an eye opener of a year, that’s for sure. It’s also taught us to never, ever take the fun stuff for granted again.

Like, for example, being allowed to take the kids some place that isn’t the dining room. And when that ‘some place’ is Dreamworld, well, it almost makes up for that ‘excursion’ we took to watch the wasp nest on the deck be removed (hey, lockdown was tough on everyone!).

Here’s why Dreamworld’s (frankly outstanding value) annual pass is my ticket back into my kids’ good books... and a way more fun 2021 for me, too.

1. It gives us endless options (when before, we had none).

Now that we’re back on track and able to choose how we spend our time, debate abounds. As a family of five, there are always, ahem, vigorous discussions as to how we should spend our precious weekends and school holiday time - and it's tricky catering for everyone when their requests can be pretty diverse.

So, the Dreamworld annual pass spoils us for choice. They have a few options: the Locals Annual Pass for Queensland and Northern NSW residents starts from $119 online, and a three-day pass ($109) which is perfect for those travelling from interstate. Both passes give you unlimited entry to Dreamworld, WhiteWater World during its seasonal opening, and SkyPoint Observation Deck. You also get a photo pass valued at $99, and food, beverage and merchandise discounts.

Now, about those choices. Our little animal lover can check out Tiger Island and the Corroboree precinct to get a closer look at a whole host of her favourite creatures, from koalas to crocodiles.


Our Shrek-loving, DreamWorks aficionado can go wild at the DreamWorks experience, exploring Madagascar and the world of Kung Fu Panda, places they’ve only seen before on the screen.

Then there’s the thrill rides, family rides and special younger kids’ section for when we’re done with King Julian and co. We can hop on over next door to WhiteWater World and even explore from up in the clouds at SkyPoint. And with 12 months entry, we’ve got plenty of time to do it all.

2. WATER. Lots of it. 

Slides, slides and...more slides. Image: Supplied. 

Nothing beats the Aussie summer, especially in Queensland. Cicadas chirping, mangoes ripening, and the way the water glistens at WhiteWater World on even the warmest of days.

Whether you’ve got a family of water loving adrenalin junkies, or a more sedate bunch of splashers, WhiteWater World offers the best way to stay cool.

My eldest waterslide junkie is all about the Fully 6 slides and the Green Room for the ultimate in super speed sliding fun, and the Triple Vortex when he wants to drag his poor mother into some high-intensity rafting excitement.

My youngest two, however, are all about the Cave of Waves and Wiggle Bay. where they can float around and play in a slightly less adrenaline-charged environment. One thing is for sure, we’ll all be able to stay cool and entertained all day long, with no sandy swimmers in sight.


3. There's no need to rush, now. There's no time like the present.

Meet your local koala mates Kenny and Belinda. Image: Dreamworld. 

Family time is precious, and when there are five of you, stuff often takes a little while longer. There is nothing worse than having to rush through the experiences we’re enjoying the most or feeling like we’re ‘on the clock’ so that we can fit everything we want to do into a day. 

With an annual pass, we can take our time to explore everything at our own pace. We don’t need to pack it all into eight (exhausting hours) but can break our fun up over days/weeks/months, knowing that we aren’t missing out on anything because we’ve got a whole year to use our pass. Not to mention the fact we can't travel overseas right now, so holidaying locally for longer is a pretty great alternative for all of us who are in need of a break.

This is also ideal for those days when we know we want to get out and about but are unsure what we want to do (or have too many requests to facilitate). Dreamworld offers an experience for the whole family that ticks all the possible boxes, in my opinion.

For a family who values experiences, the Dreamworld annual pass makes it easier to access the fun and excitement of one of Australia’s best-loved attractions, in a cost and time effective way. 

It’s also a fantastic Christmas present option for kids (big and little) who want to get their theme park on all year round.

For more information on the Dreamworld annual pass, click here.

Thanks to our brand partner, DREAMWORLD