'The planets aligned horribly:' Freak combination of events blamed for the Dreamworld deaths.

Ten days on from the Dreamworld tragedy that left four people dead, it’s believed a freak combination of factors could be to blame for the fatal accident.

Speaking to the Courier Mail on Thursday, an anonymous source close to the accident investigation said, “Often in a catastrophe like this, you get a combination of contributing factors where the planets align horribly.”

“(Possible) electrical problems, pump problems and human problems including compliance with policies and procedures are all being investigated,” they continued.

dreamworld accident cause
The Dreamworld ride that claimed the lives of four adults. Source: ABC.

Tragedy struck the iconic Gold Coast theme park last Tuesday when four adults - Cindy Low, Kate Goodchild, Luke Dorsett and Roozi Araghi - were killed while on board the Thunder River Rapids ride. Two children were thrown from the ride and miraculously survived.

The funeral of 42-year-old Sydney mum of two, Cindy Low, will take place today on the New South Wales central coast.

Sydney mother-of-two, Cindy Low. Source: Facebook.

A joint funeral for 32-year-old Canberra mum of two Kate Goodchild, and her 35-year old brother Luke Dorsett is scheduled for Monday.


A service for Dorsett's partner, 38-year-old Canberra man Roozi Araghi is scheduled to take place over the weekend.

Kate Goodchild, Luke Dorsett and Roozi Araghi. Source: Facebook.

Earlier in the week, it was claimed the park admitted that the hydraulic water pump on the popular ride ­had a history of failing failed routinely before the tragedy. Dreamworld, however, has denied the claim, saying the child-friendly ride was “fully compliant with all relevant safety standards” at the time of the accident.

On Wednesday, Dreamworld announced it was introducing a "media blackout" in respect for the families of the victims.

dreamworld accident cause
Flowers left as tribute to the Dreamworld victims. Source: Getty.

The park's management has also promised to remain closed until the funerals of all victims have been held and has said the wall of flowers erected in tribute to the victims will likely be made a permanent fixture of the park.