These are the breasts of reality: Not televised, retouched, enhanced perfection.

Asking someone to draw their own boobs sounds like an easy instruction right? Wrong. It’s hard. Not because you don’t know what they look like (look down ladies, look down) but because it can be very… confronting.

Last week New York magazine’s The Cut asked women in New York to draw images of their own boobs along with descriptions of how they felt about them: “We heard stories of breast cancer, breastfeeding, and what it’s like to become a double D in elementary school. Women drew their scars, big nipples, or barely there boobs. They offered advice, wrote what they love about themselves or why they wished for something else.”

After seeing the results, the Mamamia Team thought they’d give the simple task a go and draw their own boobs. At first it was a great joke. But when reality sunk in and pen was in hand – it wasn’t as easy as everyone thought it would be.

There was concern about the size of boobs, the size of nipples – and how far they were spread apart.

“Can I draw what my boobs looked like before I had kids?” asked one of the team.

“But I can’t remember what my boobs look like” joked another who made a hasty exit to the bathroom to ‘check’.

Some refused. Some obliged. But after a while collection of a variety of real boobs was created. These are the breasts of reality, not televised, enhanced perfection. There are big, small, droopy, pointy, perky, round, pear-shaped and even a pair of tiny dots.

And if we’re being honest, each of them are pretty awesome.

Take a look:

After all, no two boobs are the same. And nor should they be. And excellent reminder to be proud and happy with what you’ve got.

What do you think? Feel free to draw your boobs and share them below.