Dr Pimple Popper removing a "cutaneous horn" is the most horrifying thing you will see all day.

Why is it that with an entire Stan, Netflix, Foxtel and Youtube catalogue of worthy entertainment and dog videos, we inevitably find ourselves drawn to clips of Dr Pimple Popper extracting weird bodily growths from strangers?

I ask of you: why are we like this?

And yet, here we are, with me about to tell you about LA-based dermatologist Dr Sandra Lee removing a “cutaneous horn” from the arm of a patient. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


SO, like all of Dr Lee’s victims patients, this person came in with something a bit weird going on.

Image via Instagram.

It was a... horn, and it was horrific and captivating and bewildering all at the same time.

According to Dr Lee, in this case the nubbin-esque growth was a "benign wart", although some cutaneous horns can also be cancerous or precancerous. Generally they're made out of keratin, which is the protein present in the top layer of the skin, and can also vary in size and colour.


As if watching Dr Lee flick the growth back and forth wasn't unsettling enough, she then says things like "that thing's cuuuute" (nope) and "I think if you let this grow longer you'd have an extra little grabber to grab things" (double nope).

THEN there's the bit where she actually goes to remove the horn.

Weirdly, it comes off in one clean motion - like when you slice a corner of butter, or chop a ripe pear into quarters. Either way, it felt very wrong.

Watch below... if you dare.

Video via Dr. Sandra Lee

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