Dr Pimple Popper thought this cyst would be filled with pus. There was a surprise inside.

As far as Dr. Pimple Popper videos go, there’s a pretty strict routine.

  1. Dr. Sandra Lee either presents a pus-filled ball of flesh somewhere on the human body, OR a “minefield”/”battleground”/”dream land” of blackheads.
  2. Donning gloves, she pops the living bejesus out of the foreign body.
  3. Spurts of glorious bodily goo cover every nearby surface. Dr. Lee wades through an ocean of pus until odd foreign body no longer exists.
  4. Viewer feels oddly euphoric to watch this extraction. Considers getting therapy.
  5. Repeat.

Well, that was the routine until Dr. Lee dared to pop a rather rotund cyst on the back of an anonymous gentleman’s scalp.

Because, reader friends, this was no ordinary pimple.

Oh no.

This was a pimple quite like a Kinder Surprise. You can see what we mean below.

(Content warning: This is maybe – definitely – really, really, really gross. Seriously. We’re kind of sorry but not really because LOOK.)

Yep! What you see there is, indeed, hair.

A cyst filled with glorious fluffy hair!

How delightful!

Return to your jobs and lives and families, people, with the knowledge that the world is weird and very gross.

You’re welcome.