Thanks to musician Chris Brown, the Bondi Vet is having a very bad day.

They may share the same name, but the differences between the two, of course, couldn’t be more pronounced.

And while one Chris Brown spent his morning holed up in his Los Angeles house surrounded by police, another was in Sydney, lamenting the day his parents had selected his name.

Chris Brown. Source: Chris Brown / Instagram.

“It’s days like these where I really resent the choice of name Mr and Mrs Brown made all those years ago,” TV personality and veterinarian Dr Chris Brown wrote on Twitter.

The singer, Chris Brown, made headlines around the world on Wednesday morning when police were called to his Californian home after a woman accused him of holding a gun to her head.

Waiting for an arrest warrant to arrive, Brown posted a number of videos to Instagram, declaring his innocence. “I don’t care. Y’all gonna stop playing with me like I’m the villain out here like I’m going crazy,” he said, adding, “When you get the warrant or whatever you need to do you’re going to walk right up in here and you’re going to see nothing. You idiots.”

After nine hours, Brown was seen throwing a bag that contained weapons and drugs out of a window.

Dr Chris Brown. Source: Dr Chris Brown / Facebook

“Let’s just say I’m leading a slightly different day today to my namesake,” Dr Chris Brown said. “Rather than fighting the law today I’m trying to work with it. I’m meeting with the Queensland state government about pet-friendly policy.”

All of this would almost be comedic if there weren't firearms involved.