The magic moment Bondi Vet Chris Brown serenaded a very confused Megan from The Bachelor.

We may have just found the best moment from The Bachelor this year… and it didn’t even happen on the show.

Before last night’s shock elimination, where ‘villain’ Keira was booted by Richie after what can only be described as the most un-relaxing yoga date of all time, fan favourite Megan appeared on The Project to explain her walk-out.

Good thing Dr Chris Brown, aka Bondi Vet, was there to offer her a few words of wisdom.

“You’ve got life experience, you were married quite young. The way I see it, you know love and you know what love is,” a serious Chris counselled the free-diving loving Megan.

“I feel like you’re making a proposal right now,” Megan responded, just as Dr. Chris burst into a bizarre rendition of Foreigner’s I Want To Know What Love Is.

Megan, do you even know what love is? Image via Channel 10.

But Brown's bizarre karaoke was lost on Megan, who laughed that she didn't even know the popular tune.

"What even is this song? I grew up not listening to music, man," she explained, alluding to her strict religious upbringing.

She's laughing, but she's really thinking "WTF is happening right now?" Image via Channel 10.

That didn't stop Chris from continuing on his mission to... well, we're not actually sure what he was trying to achieve.


"You can be shown what love is, Megan. You just need to give it a second chance. I see a fragile soul, a fragile heart that can be mended in the right way," he said.

Video via Channel 10

Many viewers though it was pretty clear that the famous veterinarian was making a move on Megan on national live television.


If The Project and Offspring can have a cross-over episode, who says The Bachelor and Bondi Vet can't do the same?