Celeb in 5: Tuesday's best entertainment and gossip news.

1. Just days after announcing he’s single, Dr Chris Brown may not be anymore.

So we’ve been running around in circles like disobedient Golden Retriever puppies getting ourselves very excited about a potential Bondi Vet Bachie next season.

…But it turns out our hopes and dreams may have already been shattered.

On last Monday’s episode of Have You Been Paying Attention?, Dr Chris let slip that he had split with long-term partner Kendall Bora, so was single and ready to mingle (potentially with 25 women who had signed up to a reality TV dating show).

The very active Bachelor rumour mill then added to the equation, with an anonymous source coming forward to announce that Channel Ten producers were already in the process of securing Dr Chris for the show.


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One of us really needs to give a little less in photos

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But according to New Idea, he’s already moved on with an old flame, leaving the spot for Mr Bachelor 2019 wide open.

According to a source close to Dr Chris, Home and Away actress Kassandra Clementi, who Chris previously dated, is back on the scene.

“Since he quietly split from Kendall he’s been talking to Kassandra more and more and has realised that she is the love of his life, and that he wants her back,” the source told the publication.

“And while he is looking at a long and happy future with Kassandra, at the moment he’s just taking baby steps and opening up the lines of communication again.”

EURGH, who is this anonymous source and why do they keep ruining The Bachelor for us?

2. All the signs that Shane Warne and Liz Hurley might be back together.

With all the celebrity split stories floating around at the moment, we’re actually quite pleased there may be an actual reunion in the midst.

Yes, as brought to our attention by Pedestrian.tv, Shane Warne and Liz Hurley might be back together.

But how do we know?

Um, Instagram.

OK, so it’s not the most substantial evidence, but judging by the amount the previously-engaged pair have been interacting on the social media platform recently, we think there could be something in it.


It all started three months ago on Liz’s birthday when Shane posted this:


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Happy birthday to my ex fiancé & yes – still a very close & dear friend @elizabethhurley1 ❤️ ????

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THEN, just two weeks ago on Shane’s birthday, Liz posted kiss emojis on this Instagram post by the ex cricketer:


Look, we know it’s not much, but is anyone out there really THAT friendly with their ex?

We think not.


3. Ali Oetjen on what actually happened in Los Angeles with ex Grant Kemp.

As we impatiently wait for Ali Oetjen to make her turn as The Bachelorette, there’s just been one little thing which has been playing in the back of our minds.


What exactly happened with Grant Kemp after filming for Bachelor in Paradise wrapped up?

You see Grant alleges he caught Ali cheating on him with his best friend, while the couple were together in LA. But sharing her side of events, Ali said he wasn’t who he appeared to be.

“It was confronting,” she told TV Week.

“I went to Los Angeles and he wasn’t who he described himself to be, nor did he live the lifestyle he said he did.”

Instead she’s taking it in her stride, moving on, and very determined to find the love of her life.


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Unfortunately that’s all she’s willing to disclose to avoid fuelling the drama – “because he’s someone who wants that” she clarified to the publication – but maybe, just maybe we’ll get some more clarity once The Bachelorette starts.

Wednesday, October 10 could not come sooner.

4. Apparently Karl Stefanovic is struggling to understand why he’s so unpopular.

In light of plummeting Today show ratings and rumours that Karl Stefanovic’s  job is on the line, the charismatic Channel Nine TV personality has apparently been left wondering why viewers seem to have ‘switched off’ from him so drastically.

Last month, rumours emerged that Karl was set to be replaced as co-host of the Today show in 2019, which Channel Nine chief executive Hugh Marks denied. He said that while Karl’s job was safe for now, there was “hard work” ahead.

Several reports alluded to the fact that damage to Karl’s “family man image” had contributed to the show’s low ratings.

With the constant negative press surrounding his private life – namely his divorce from wife Cassandra Thorburn – according to Woman’s Day, Karl is “wondering where it all went wrong”,

“The negative press has been relentless, and even he has to wonder how it all went so wrong so quickly,” an anonymous TV executive said.


“And with Today‘s ratings at an all-time low, it doesn’t take a genius to work out he needs to go.”


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After being savaged by a sausage dog when I was a kid I ’ve decided to move on forgive and forget. Get ya Dachshund on

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5. Kyle Sandilands shared a story about Delta Goodrem and Brian McFadden he shouldn’t have.

Umm… we did not need to know this.

After throwing it back to Delta and Brian’s 2004 duet ‘Almost Here’, shock jock Kyle Sandilands shared a rather questionable anecdote.


“I remember when I’d have them around my house and they were in love and sometimes would spit in each other’s mouth,” he shared.

BUT WHY? We hear you ask…

delta goodrem brian mcfadden
Ewwww. Image: Getty.

“Fun, they said fun…” said Sandilands. “I always thought ‘Wow! That’s weird’."

“Delta would sit with her mouth open and Brian would spit into her mouth and Delta would spit back into his mouth,” he added.


And yes Kyle... it is weird and we can confirm that we are not better people for knowing this.

You can read about all the stomach-turning details in our original article here.

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