Whoops: Can you spot the epic mistake in this Downton Abbey photo?


The cast of Downton Abbey have responded to what has now been called ‘Water-gate’ via Twitter.

Posting this hilarious image alongside the caption “The cast of #Downton embraced ‘water bottle-gate’ today:”

Well played guys, very well played.

Mamamia previously reported:

Guys. You had ONE job.


This almost seems too good to be true… How does a mistake like that get past everybody on set, the photographer, the photo editor, the promotions team and about 145 other people who would have seen the photo before it was released?

A cynical person might think that maybe what we have here is a show that hasn’t been rating very well, and some very savvy marketing people who needed to drum up some free publicity with something viral.

But that’s just what a cynical person might think.