Dove Skincare has found an absolutely exquisite way of trolling President Trump.

It’s been just one week since Donald’s Trump’s right-hand woman and presidential counsellor Kellyanne Conway problematically declared that proven untruths are simply “alternative facts” and the world’s collective mind exploded.

Naturally, the concept of having the leader of the United States support and encourage unashamed lying while commanding the highest office in the world has brought about some pretty incredible responses, including that of skincare giant, Dove.

donald trump's inner circle
Alternative facts advocate Kellyanne Conway. Source: Getty.

In its latest campaign, the UK arm of Dove has released a list of 10"alternative facts" about its new antiperspirant, and they're nothing short of downright bloody perfect.

"New Dove antiperspirant is a really good listener," the list reads.

Read the full list of ten "alternative facts" below. Post continues. 

"New Dove antiperspirant helps you remember distant relatives' names at family gatherings."

"New Dove antiperspirant rhymes with orange."

Shared to Twitter by advertising giant Ogilvy's worldwide chief creative officer on Saturday, the post has quickly gone viral, with hundreds of supportive responses coming in.

Dove is not the first to speak out against the Trump administration's management style. Post continues. 

"We'll need humour to get through these next four years," one Twitter user wrote in response to the image.

The list comes days after Trump signed an executive order banning passport holders and refugees from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen entering the US. The ban includes green card holders and those travelling to the US for work.

Dove itself is yet to comment on its latest campaign, but a list of ten alternative facts is enough said, really.