We haven't seen these women's bodies in an undies campaign before.

More than half of breast cancer survivors choose not to have a breast reconstruction after mastectomy.

And now a new advertisement has celebrated these women’s bodies in conjunction with a movement known as “FlatTopper Pride.”

Flat Toppers and Play Out
Two of the campaign models posing in their Play Out shorts. Image: Play Out.

According to an article on published in August of 2014, 58% of women choose not to have breast reconstruction post-mastectomy.

With this in mind, underwear brand Play Out has launched its summer series of unisex undies with some very special models. The brand is selling the printed undies with the support of FlatTopper Pride, a breast cancer support community dedicated to unilaterally and bilaterally flat LGBTQ individuals choosing not to undergo breast reconstruction or to wear prostheses after a double mastectomy. Incredible.


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They asked three special “FlatToppers” to be involved in the campaign: Emily Jenson, Jodi Jaecks and Melanie Testa (who goes by “Melly”), all of whom underwent double mastectomies and rather than wear prostheses, now choose to stay bilaterally flat.

Flat Toppers and Play Out
One of the campaign models in Play Out shorts. Image: Play Out.

And the pictures are truly wonderful.

Check out the beautiful and ground-breaking campaign:

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