Our favourite hairstyle for hectic mornings has just been updated.

Image: Grace (left) and Lizzie rocking half buns in The Glow office 

As you may recall, last month we declared the half bun to be the hairstyle to master this autumn.

Our enthusiasm was founded: this ‘business on top, party on the bottom’ style is incredibly easy to recreate, looks effortlessly cool, and is bang on trend right now.

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The half bun is especially handy for disguising second or third day hair when you’re in a rush, and it’s completely do-able for hair of any length. Here in The Glow office, we’ve been busy practising what we preach — half buns have been popping up everywhere.

No matter your hair type, the half bun is your new best friend, and if you haven’t tried it out yet, we recommend you try our beauty editor Carla’s gif tutorial in the gallery below. However, if you’re ready to take your half bun to the next level, keep reading — because we’ve found a gorgeous new version you’ll be dying to try. (Post continues after gallery.)

Introducing: The Triple Half Bun.

Well, it’s actually called the ‘half-up double knot’, but ‘triple half bun’ sounds three times as fun.

This cool new take on the half bun has been dreamed up by blogger (and hair whiz) Harshleen of the website Beauty Tidbits, and it looks a little like this:

The triple half bun. (Image via Beauty tidbits)

Admittedly, the process is slightly more complex than your classic half bun, but all you need is a hair elastic, a few bobby pins and some dry shampoo/hair spray. Not even a brush!

Harshleen says it's a life-saver for frizzy hair days, and ideal for "natural texture or second (even third!) day hair" of any length and texture. I will definitely be recreating this look, especially next time I'm in a rush and my hair is not cooperating.

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For full instructions, check out the tutorial at Beauty Tidbits.

Have you been converted to the half bun? Will you be trying this version?

Check out a few of our favourites in this gallery.

 Do you love the half bun as much as we do here at The Glow?

If you're a half bun novice, have a peek at this easy tutorial, from Luxy Hair.