The products every woman will need to survive the Trump-ocalypse.

Forget the Zombie Apocalypse; it’s the far more horrifying Trump-ocalypse that’s beginning to look increasingly likely.

The prospect of a Donald Trump victory has terrified the world’s female population, ever since the billionaire announced his lofty plans to run for President — and then succeeded in becoming the Republican candidate.

For months, this fear has niggled away at us. But now, with the American election mere days away, we need to get serious about preparing ourselves.

Donald Trump kanye west
As of next week, this could be the new POTUS. Shudder. (Source: Getty)

Luckily, we've found a selection of genius products that'll keep the sisterhood safe from the Republican's ravages (not to mention his tiny, wandering hands).

From the highly potent Essence of Rosie O'Donnell Repellent to the fail-safe P*ssy Guard, say hello your new survival kit.

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