People have noticed something very concerning about the latest picture of Donald Trump.

Video by Mamamia

There’s something very wrong with President Donald Trump.

Ok, we knew that. Even in the last 24 hours you can’t have forgotten that.

What I actually mean is there is something very wrong with this picture of President Donald Trump.

Donald Trump smiling
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Here he is pictured leaving the White House to catch a plane to Florida.

He looks cheerful and is smiling, perhaps because he woke up to find his overnight tan developed streak free or he's just thought of an extremely funny tweet he can't wait to post.

But in another snap taken just seconds later, something very alarming can be seen.

Yes, that does appear to be sticky tape holding his tie to his shirt. SAD or genius?

If only he (or likely a poor assistant) was as innovative and forward-thinking in the rest of his duties as President of the United States.

Listen: Monique Bowley says enough with the mocking of Melania Trump. Post continues after audio.


While a clip or even simply buttoning up your jacket is a far neater way of keeping your tie in place, may we suggest another stationery hack Mr President?

Lifehacker have a very promising trick using a paper clip. Popular on Reddit, simply unbend the clip, secure it round two buttons and loop through your label.

It promises "it won't come unhinged at the slightest gust of wind".



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