Everyone is confused by Donald Trump's glass during his interview with Piers Morgan.

It was Donald Trump’s first televised interview as US president with an overseas media outlet and everything from climate change to feminism was discussed.

But when the political leader sat down with British journalist Piers Morgan, only one thought was running through many viewers minds: What the hell is going on with Trump’s glass?

Next to the men on a side table was a glass of water – presumably because the show’s producers missed the memo that Trump’s drink of choice is Diet Coke. Anyway, there was something odd about this glass of water, viewers noticed – it had a paper lid.

Now this was utterly perplexing to the rest of the population that’s used to only seeing lids on hot drinks like coffee and maybe, maybe slushies.

It even started to annoy some others to the point of aggression.

We all know by now that Trump is a germaphobe, but the paper atop the glass may not be due to his paranoia, or if it is, he’s not alone. Apparently, it’s common practice in some hotels for glasses to have paper covers, as it signifies the cleanliness of the glass and prevents dust getting in.

But we have a feeling that when most people fill their hotel glass with water, they don’t put the lid back on.

Trump is not a feminist, and we are so glad they cleared that up.

Those who weren’t too distracted by the glass to listen to the 30-minute interview that aired on Sunday night in the UK, would have heard Morgan ask Trump about his views on women.

As we’ve heard, the 71-year-old has “tremendous respect” for women, but when pressed, he clarified that he doesn’t consider himself a feminist.

“No, I wouldn’t say I’m a feminist. I mean, I think that would be, maybe, going too far. I’m for women, I’m for men, I’m for everyone,” he said.

Phew, glad we got to the end of that one, because nobody quite saw that coming.

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