This image of Donald Trump's bookshelf is making us laugh-cry. Really hard.

Next to a blatant disregard for the Dewey Decimal system, there are few things guaranteed to make a librarian sob into their catalogue cards quite like a poorly-stocked bookshelf.

Just ask my mum, she’ll tell you.

Now, at the risk of alarming everyone from bookworms to fans of democracy, a photo of Donald Trump’s own shelves has been leaked and… it’s nightmarish.

Like, granted, the President has only been in his new Washington digs for less than a week BUT LOOK AT THIS GOD FORSAKEN BOOKSHELF:

*one thousand librarians scream internally*

The picture of the White House’s Old State Department Library was shared by MSNBC’s Christopher Hayes on Twitter and offers a horrifying insight into the new administration’s reading list.

Three guesses who Trump’s favourite author is. Go on, you’ll never get it.


It's Trump.

Oh, we noticed.

This is just the latest passage in the dystopian novel that is America in 2017.

One in which the nominee for Education Secretary fumbles over basic grammar.

The climate war is being waged by the Badlands National Park social media manager.

And instead of nibbling nightly on apples and almonds while he reads his briefing books in the Oval Office (as Barack Obama did), POTUS chooses to stock his desk drawer with Lay's potato chips instead.

Someone ought to send him a copy of George Orwell's 1984, I hear sales have skyrocketed in recent days.

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