One of Don Burke's alleged victims tried to speak up a month ago and no one noticed.

This morning, Australia woke to news that the man of Burke’s Backyard, Don Burke, was alleged to be a serial sexual harasser and bully.

Many expressed their shock that one of Australia’s most recognised faces on TV reportedly groped women for decades, viciously bullied them, and exposed them to pornography.

However, to some in the industry, this news was not a revelation, by any means.

It was an ‘open secret’, as the actions of Hollywood producer, Harvey Weinstein, had similarly been termed.

Listen: Our interview with Tracey Spicer, who has been instrumental in reporting on Don Burke. (Post continues after audio.)

In line with the “Me Too” campaign, that resurfaced following allegations of sexual violence from Weinstein, former actress Wendy Dent posted #MeToo on her Twitter account.

Dent first met Burke when she was 21 years old and she was working as a children’s entertainer.

Talking to the ABC, Dent said that she was asked to audition for the Burke’s TV show.


Wendy Dent. Image via Twitter.

"He was talking to me about being able to help make my TV career, but starting with having me on Burke's Backyard as kind of a featured mermaid," she said.

"And he suggested, 'Well you'll have to audition, but you'll have to be topless'.

"I went from feeling like this talent with a future to feeling like I was just a pair of boobs to him, to be honest. All of a sudden it was like this loss of this big break."
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Dent eventually gave up her career in the industry, after moving to Hollywood and finding, what she said, was a world filled with "Don Burkes".

Further evidence of Burke's uncomfortable behaviour has been brought to light today, with some particularly confronting footage  of his interactions with journalist, Jessica Rowe.