This is one of the most powerful anti-domestic violence campaigns we have ever seen.

Don’t turn a blind eye.

A brilliant campaign that allows passersby to heal a victim of domestic violence simply by looking at her has launched in the UK.

When you walk past this billboard if you simply look up and acknowledge the injured woman, you begin to help heal her bruises.

The campaign in action.

It’s a shocking and creative campaign launched by Women’s Aid charity in the UK and it’s all about demonstrating that if we acknowledge the signs of domestic violence instead of turning a blind eye to it, then we can help end it together.

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Polly Neate, CEO of Women’s Aid, launched the campaign with Ocean Amplify and said it was created because talking about domestic violence is still a taboo in our society.

“When people notice this advert, notice this women and look at her, by the magic of technology her injuries disappear and it’s showing people in a really clear way, we can end domestic violence together.”

Using facial recognition technology passersby who look up and directly acknowledge the woman on the billboard are identified with a red dot covering their face.

The more people that see her, the faster she heals.

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Creative Director of Ocean Amplify, Ross Neil, said the campaign was effective because it drew on our vanity.

“Here we’ve got cameras where you see yourself on a billboard, that is one of those time honoured things where people are like “oh look it’s me!” and before you know it, you’ve got their engagement, you’ve got them looking,” he told CBS. 

You can see the billboard in action here…