Meet the man who had a 'love affair' with a dolphin. (Yes - it got physical.)

Meet the man who had a year-long sexual ‘relationship’ with a dolphin.

“My name is Malcolm Brenner, and this is the story of how I fell in love with Dolly the dolphin.”

That’s the opening line of an upcoming documentary, that details the ‘love’ story and – wait for it – sexual relationship between a man and his dolphin lover.

Although the words ‘relationship’ and ‘lover’ feel kind of… wrong, in this situation.

Dolphin Lover tells the story of Malcolm Brenner, a man who fell in love with a dolphin called Dolly at an amusement park in 1971. Working as a photographer at Floridaland, Brenner had sex with Dolly until the park closed a year later. She was transferred to another facility and died shortly after, which Brenner insists was because of her broken heart.

Here’s the trailer:

Brenner, now 61, revealed all about his time with Dolly in a 1973 book called Wet Goddess: Recollections of a Dolphin Lover. The documentary is based on that book and on detailed interviews with him.

This is him describing what he insists what the moment the dolphin ‘seduced’ him:

Very slowly she came to the point where I could reach out and touch her. I started rubbing her forehead, and she seemed to enjoy that. So I started rubbing her along her back, and working my way towards her tail. And as I was rubbing her and moving my hand towards her tail, Dolly was slowly rolling around her long axis, so that by the time that I got mid-way down her body I was rubbing her belly instead of rubbing her back. And she swam forward a little bit so that I was rubbing her genitals, and then she stopped moving. And I thought, “Oh, this is embarrassing.”

Um. So. Yeah. This is disturbing on many, many levels.

The filmmakers have said that they avoided making any judgement calls – they just wanted Brenner to tell his story, exactly as it happened.

And boy, does he.

Dolphin Lover will be released in the coming months.


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