Meet the woman whose baby will be delivered by dolphins.

‘Dolphin midwives’ are a thing now, apparently.

Dorina Rosin owns a sanctuary in Hawaii, where she leads a peaceful existence with her husband Maika Suneagle.

The heavily pregnant woman loves her beautiful island life, and writes on her blog that she feels “transformed” and “healed” by the dolphins in the nearby waters.

All sounds very lovely and serene, doesn’t it?

That is, until you hear that Ms Rosin is planning to have her baby in the water alongside those wild, carnivorous creatures.

A 38-week-pregnant woman receiving a ‘dolphin blessing’ (Screenshot: YouTube/ Kim Jam.)

You see, Ms Rosin is planning a ‘dolphin-assisted birth’ — and she apparently believes that delivering her baby underwater without medical assistance is the most relaxing, natural option for her little one.

She and her husband also believe their baby can speak ‘dolphin,’ according to Channel 4 documentary Extraordinary Births, which will air the full, remarkable story this week in the UK.

US couple Heather and Adam planned a dolphin-assisted birth back in 2013. Post continues after video:

Ms Rosin’s story shines the spotlight onto a birthing trend that experts have previously called “possibly the worst idea ever”.

The phenomenon first made headlines back in 2013, when 27-year-old US woman Heather Barrington and husband Adam, 29, went public with their plans to deliver their baby among the sea-dwelling mammals.

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To prepare for the birth, the North Carolina couple travelled to The Sirius Institute in Hawaii, which has a dedicated Dolphin Attended Water and Natural (DAWN) Birth Center.


The controversial institute claims on its website that “dolphins are able to heal or improve a wide range of medical conditions” including autism and Down syndrome, and it’s therefore “reasonable to suppose that their presence at water births could be beneficial.”

The Sirius Institute also claims that children born in the water with the dolphins “develop six months faster over their first six months” and “are ambidextrous”.

Right, then…

Another water birth involving ‘dolphin midwives’. Post continues after video:

Video via Wake Up World

Unsurprisingly, experts are not convinced about the supposed ‘healing properties’ of dolphin-assisted births.

In fact, science journalist Christie Wilcox at Discover Magazine has called the idea “hands down, one of the worst natural birthing ideas anyone has ever had [and that is saying a lot]”.

Writing in a 2013 article, she added:

“Not only do dolphins kill other animals, they kill baby dolphins using the same brutal tactics. No matter how cute they might appear, dolphins are not cuddly companions; they are real, large, ocean predators with a track record for violence — even when it comes to humans.”

Meanwhile, Whale and Dolphin Conservation has dismissed claims that so-called dolphin therapy’ is effective, adding that “both people and animals can be exposed to infection and injury when participating in these programs.”

Add to that any potential complications with the birth, and we can’t think of anything less appealing than a dolphin-assisted birth.

We’ll take an obstetrician over a dolphin any day…

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