Dolly Everett's mum shares the "terrible" email she received in the lead up to Dolly's death.

Dolly Everett should be turning 15 today.

But instead, her parents are sharing a message with Australia about the impact bullying can have on young people.

On January 3, 2018, Dolly Everett died by suicide, after vicious bullying at the hands of her peers.

In the days after her death, her father Tick shared a gut-wrenching Facebook post, writing that those who thought their bullying was a joke should “come to our service [for Dolly] and witness the complete devastation you have created”.

It’s a story that captured the collective minds of parents around Australia, who at once felt terrified and angry that a teenager could be so “overwhelmed” by bullying as to feel that this horror was her only option.

On Tuesday night’s A Current Affair, Dolly’s mother and father, Tick and Kate Everett, shared the extent of Dolly’s bullying, and the email she sent from school that alerted them to how serious the problems were.

Dolly Everett. Image via Facebook.

At the end of last year, Kate received an email saying, "How long do I have to stay for today, can I please leave soon?"

"They were ganging up on me and I didn't want to fight so I walked away, and one of them started screaming at me calling me a dirty slut and a bitch, and screaming about how I should kill myself, and to go cut myself some more."


Dolly's issues with bullying started when a boy at her school convinced her to take "inappropriate photos" of herself.

"She started to withdraw slowly by the first term," Kate said. "You know, and I just think, and as a parent I guess you say, is this part of who she is? Is this part of adolescence?"

Dolly started to get in trouble at school - which was out of character - and in late Year 9, she was suspended for drinking.

Kate says her sense was that the school didn't necessarily have a process for dealing with what was happening with Dolly.

But when she returned home for the holidays, she seemed more positive about school.

Watch Dolly's parents on A Current Affair. Post continues after video.

Video by A Current Affair

"Dolly was adamant... that she was going back. She was just adamant that she could do it, she was going to prove to be Dolly again, I think," her father said.

But just two weeks before school was due to go back, Tick and Kate spent their last day with their daughter.

"Doll actually cooked dinner. Coleslaw and steak... she made potato salad," Kate says.

"She did seem fine. She did. We played cards. normal family nights, really. The girls went to bed only 9:00 or so."

Then the unimaginable happened.

Now, Dolly's parents are campaigning against bullying, and have started the Dolly's Dream foundation, to raise awareness of bullying, anxiety, depression, and youth suicide.

If you or anyone you know needs support, you can call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or BeyondBlue on 1300 22 4636.