A little girl cries tears of joy after getting a doll with a prosthetic leg.

A little girl with a disability has cried tears of joy after being given a doll with a prosthetic leg – just like her own.

Courtney Fletcher Bennett posted a video on Facebook capturing the moment her daughter, Emma, opened a present to reveal a doll with a bright pink prosthetic leg.

The video, which has been viewed by more than nine million people since June 1, shows 10-year-old Emma realising the American Girl doll had been modified to have a prosthetic right leg, and initially reacting with delighted surprise.

Emma, clearly ecstatic with her gift. (Photo: Facebook)

But after a few seconds, she begins to cry tears of joy that ultimately turn into deep, heart-rending sobs.

Texas mother-of-two Bennett had the doll customised with the help of New York-based company A Step Ahead Prosthetics.

The company explains on its website that it doesn't charge families for customized prosthetic legs for dolls.

"We feel that it is absolutely crucial to boost the self-confidence, self-esteem, and feelings of inclusion for little girls with limb loss, and that something as small as a doll that resembles them can have a profound effect on their mental and physical well-being," the website says.

"In that spirit, anyone with a child who has had or is facing an amputation is welcome to send us an American Girl doll which we will happily modify with a prosthetic limb (or limbs) to match the child."

Emma with her sister and parents. (Photo: Facebook)

Touchingly, the gift also came with a letter that Bennett read aloud to her daughter, reports.

"After a few weeks of training to walk and run in her new prosthetic, she is ready to go home and live her life without limitations with you,'' the letter said.

Emma, who is clearly ecstatic with her gift, has a message for the doll's makers:  "Thank you for making a doll like me."

Having seen how much this modified doll meant to little Emma, we can only imagine how many other kids out there would benefit from similarly customized dolls.

Toy companies: Take note.

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Feature photo: Facebook/Courtney Fletcher Bennett

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