She founded a multi-million dollar business. And has four kids. How does she do it?

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Carolyn Cresswell started her business, ‘Carman’s’, at 18 with $1000 and no petrol in her car.

And now, the muesli queen employs 160 people, exports her food to 32 countries, appears on TV, sits on boards, mentors others and runs a business estimated to be valued at over 83 million dollars.

Despite it all, she says making money is not as important as happiness with her four kids.

How does she do it?

This is a woman who is super organised, warm, fabulous and inspiring.  Her words of wisdom are as wholesome as her delicious breakfast cereal and muesli bars.

Carolyn Creswell

On our ‘I don’t know how she does it’ podcast she reveals how she juggles the career/family divide, what she gave up with each child, the little goals she sets herself every year, and what she expects her kids to do for themselves.

Carolyn also reveals how she’s brilliant at saying ‘no’ and the one thing she won’t compromise on.

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Carolyn also has great advice for staying calm in the storm of life, how to let a hired grandma and a real mother help along the way.  And wait till you hear her take on making money and what happens to the super rich.

Carolyn at work

For every woman who has looked at another woman and wondered “how does she manage her life?” This is your podcast.

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