Meet Wesley, the adorable Golden Retriever pup with braces.

Looking for a cute story to brighten your Wednesday? Meet Wesley.

He’s a six-month-old Golden Retriever, and he’s been having a few dental issues. You see, when poor little Wesley’s teeth came in they grew crookedly, meaning this pup couldn’t close his mouth or eat properly.

Luckily, Wesley’s the beloved pet of a dog dentist. (Yes. Apparently those exist. No – we don’t mean a vet – this guy’s a dog DENTIST, specialising in Orthodontics… obviously.)

Wesley’s dog dentist dad, Dr. James Moore, works out of Harborfront Hospital for Animals in Michigan, and he’s come to Wesley’s rescue, fitting him for a shiny set of braces. As you can see, Wes is pretty darn happy with his new look.

If you remember the horrible pain of braces (soup and yogurt for two weeks straight, anyone?) Wesley says you need to suck it up. According to the clinic, he’s been nothing but blissful since he got fitted with his new grill.

The lucky thing will only have to wear his new accessory for a few weeks, which makes me want to time travel back to 2008 and ask my Orthodontist WHY ON EARTH I HAD MINE ON FOR TWO YEARS?! Of course, my metal mouth was more for vanity reasons than it was for correcting an chew-inhibiting abnormality, but still.

Mia Freedman recently got a pet pup from the Sydney Dogs and Cats Home. You can watch her meet him below (post continues after video).

Regardless, Wesley looks A-freakin-DORABLE, and I’m sure I’m speaking for all of us when I say everyone’s very happy to see his goofy white grin.

Did you have braces as a kid? Had you ever heard of dogs wearing braces before?

*Featured Image via Harborfront Hospital for Animals Facebook Page.

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