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"How I knew my dog had been poisoned on Easter Sunday."

Howl is one of the sweetest, goofiest dogs you could ever imagine.

Three years ago, when he was still a bouncing little puppy, he gobbled up the end of a mars bar somebody had thrown over the fence. I didn’t see it happen.

What I did see was him drop to the floor and begin thrashing, snarling and gnashing his teeth. I was terrified. But even while his body beat up and down against the hardwood floor he turned to me, his eyes desperate for help.

But I was too scared to touch him. I locked myself in the bathroom instead.

When the thrashing stopped, I rushed him to the vet, wiping off the drool that frothed down from his lips in the car.

The vet said he’d been poisoned, by chocolate.

Watch the video above to see Howl’s story and for some advice on how to keep your dog safe with all the chocolate around this Easter.

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