"Your camera roll is full of dog pics." 10 signs your dog is actually a human family member.

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If there’s one good thing to come out of 2020, it's dogs.

Now we’re spending more time than ever at home, there’s no doubt that our dogs are 110 per cent part of the family

I recently adopted an adorable Kelpie, and in the few short months I’ve been a fur-mother, I’ve learnt a lot.

Like the fact I don’t have time to cook for my dog… as much as I’d like to. Let’s be real, I barely have time to cook for myself. 

But, as a member of my family, she deserves the best (Farmers Market’s Home-Styled Shreds is our choice, but more on that later).

Here are 10 ways you know your dog is REALLY a member of the family.

1. They watch TV with you.

Just like a partner, sibling or child, your dog also sits down to watch TV with you. My dog's personal favourites are basketball and animal documentaries - basically anything with bright colours and lots of movement.

Luckily for us, they can’t change the channel themselves so they have to put up with whatever we choose.

2. Your dog gets hungry at the EXACT same time as you do.

By some weird coincidence, you and your dog start getting hungry AT THE EXACT SAME TIME. You wake up with your tummy rumbling, and all you can think about is food… and it seems your furry friend wakes up the exact same. 

I try to have healthy home-cooked meals when I can, and want Sadie to eat the best too. I mentioned Farmers Market Home-Styled Shreds before for good reason, because it's a new, Australian-first home-cooked meat alternative that Sadie's loving right now.

Yes, it's the closest thing to a home-cooked meal for a dog – with everything she needs and nothing she doesn't. It's a premium range made with natural, wholesome ingredients. I'm talking no added artificials, top-quality meat and essential vitamins and minerals to keep dogs healthy and happy. You just keep it chilled for freshness, and serve it with love, as if you made it yourself.

So it’s like I’m giving her a fancy meal, but I don’t have to slave away in the kitchen or spend too much. It's convenient and affordable for me... and clearly she's pretty happy gobbling it up too.

Sadie's favourite. Image: Supplied.


3. Your camera roll is FULL of pictures of your dog.

They just dominate your phone, and that's perfectly OK. They are undeniably the cutest dog there is, and anytime they do something adorable you have the camera ready to capture the moment. Just like you would with your child.


I have a million photos like this, honestly. Image: Supplied 

4. As much as you say “my dog won’t sleep on the bed” - when they jump up and lay their head on the pillow and look like a baby, you can’t resist.

Apparently letting your dog sleep on the bed creates a closer bond (thank me later for that argument). But either way, it makes them fully part of the family. 

5. You never forget their birthday.

You have your dog's birthday marked in your calendar, and you never miss a year. If they’re fully embedded in the family, they might even get a dedicated Instagram post. They usually get some form of present, whether it’s a new stuffed toy that they can rip to shreds, or a delicious meal.

6. They come on holidays and adventures with you.

Your idea of paradise is a beach holiday or a mountain adventure with your dog. You tailor your adventures and holidays to make sure they can come too… because it’s not a family holiday without the whole family now is it. 


7. You seek out cafes/pubs/restaurants where you can sit outside, so your dog can come too.

‘Dog-friendly cafe’ is almost always in your search history, and you’re always on the hunt for the best places to socialise, with your pup in tow.

8. They find adult conversations boring and tend to fall asleep.

Like an actual child, they get bored when you have too many adult conversations and don’t pay enough attention to them. 

9. Dog hair becomes part of the furniture.

Try as you might to keep your house clean, if you have a dog that sheds hair, no matter how much you vacuum and brush them, you will STILL have dog hair EVERYWHERE. Soon enough you just expect this, and you know the dog is well and truly a family member.

10. You speak about them like they’re human.

You know your pup is well and truly one of the family when it’s not uncommon for you to speak about your dog like they are your child/best friend. You tell them you love them at least once a day and common phrases around the house include:

  • “Good morning *insert dog's name here* how did you sleep?”

  • “Has *insert dog's name here* had dinner?”

  • “*insert dog's name here* and I had the best day together today, we went on so many adventures!”

  • “I need to leave work right on 5pm today to get home for *insert dogs's name here*"

Now, over to you. Tell us how your dog is a member of your family in the comments below.

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